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My LEGAL Guns n’ Stuff

Range style cookers are an incredible and very useful addition to any kitchen. Whether you are

Tactical Shit Becomes Distributer for AP Custom USA and Taran Tactical Innovations

Tactical Shit is proud to announce that they are now a distributor for two more reputable

Los Angeles Shooting Range

Family portrait can be described much over a photograph. Memory is a custom for relatives to

Going About Purchasing Airsoft Pistols

In the Airsoft game pistols or handguns are commonly used as the last resort, say when

Jon Unruh Wins USPSA Area 7 Championship Single Stack Division at 2014 Handgun Championship

Oak Hill Guns recently announced that Jon Unruh won the Single Stack Division Title at the

Tactical Shit Becomes Dealer for Primary Weapons Systems, Lantac USA, VG6, and Alex Pro Firearms.

Tactical Shit continues to grow their store offering and now boasts muzzle brakes for both AR-15s

Tactical Response Unleashed (TRU) Launches Its New Series of Sheepdog Warrior Classes at 50% Off

Tactical Response Unleashed (TRU) recently announce the launch of its Sheepdog Warrior Classes, a series of

Rifle Scopes

Rifle Scopes There’s a vast array of rifle scopes on the market today, which can be

Running your own shooting range

In the past you worked for a business and every week you got paid on the